FSC 2014 – 2020 Notice

Goodbye Selling Notice

Digital Impresa Lazio Notice

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E-learning Peer-to-Peer
with our Reverse Coaching™
Goodbye Selling
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The Feeling & Sales© method with
Theatrical and Cinematic techniques
Corporate Training
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Customizable virtual
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FSC 2014 – 2020 Notice

Goodbye Selling Notice

Digital Impresa Lazio Notice

The Evolution of Formation

Feel Center is an Innovative SME recognised by the Ministry of Economic Development. It provides participatory training services through peer-to-peer sessions on digital platforms, in-presence and with theatre and film workshops.

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Feel Center areas of intervention

Feel Centre places the emphasis on results.

In order to realise projects according to the client’s needs and characteristics, working in 3 areas.

Art of Selling

Feel Center has devised a range of practical and tested solutions to increase the sale performances of companies.

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Problem Solving

The Feeling & Sales © method helps companies visualise and apply the principles of problem solving, including turning problems into equations.

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Through innovation and applied creativity, Feel Center offers solutions letting companies become more adaptive and flexible to continuous market demands.

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Feeling & Sales ©

The PUK, “the unlocking code of a person,” is the Method cornerstone concept.

For an operator or a salesperson, mastering the concept of PUK helps to grow professionally, while discovering the PUK of one’s customer or supplier makes the relationship much deeper, useful, and mutually beneficial. To tap out the PUK of an interlocutor, the relationship between the two parties needs to be primarily emotional, based on feelings, moods, and sentiments.

With the help of experienced trainers and professional actors, the learner is led through a series of steps that involve him rationally and emotionally, until he becomes a mentor for other learners.

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The Feeling & Sales Method © is transmitted through an experiential approach, which allows you to try it out practically and test the results during training.

The training phases of the Feeling & Sales method ©

Feel Center accompanies companies throughout the business process: from initial analysis to personnel selection, from specialised training to monitoring and coaching in the field.

Feel’s experiences and emotions

Headphone tests and live simulations

Performance evaluation

Sharing of results

Systematic application

Learner becomes tutor

Vincenzo Stango

Head of Training

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We perform field interventions


Partners & Community

Why companies choose Feel Centre

Feeling & Sales Method ©

Engaging participative techniques

Constant presence in the field

Innovation and Technology

Service measurability and financeability

Feel Center

Digital platforms and innovative tools

Feel Center City

Learning & Gaming

Feel Center’s interactive training city, fully customisable for corporate customers. A community of corporate academies, with Learning tools, Virtual Gaming and learning path tracking.
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Goodbye Selling

E-Learning and Reverse Coaching™

Feel Center’s technologically advanced learning and gaming platform. Designed to increase participation and exchange of experience between users in a peer-to-peer process.
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Feel Center and the Enterprise Theater

Feel Center operates through show-lessons, which aim to introduce sales, problem solving and process and product innovation techniques, aimed at generating value for companies.
Feel Center’s Enterprise Theatre is characterised by the presence of actor-engineers (trainers), as well as actors.
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Feel Center and Cinema

Thanks to its theater and film facility, Feel Center  produces film products for educational purposes and customizable to the needs of its clients.
Over the years, there have been many film initiatives with various partners and clients, including Rai Cinema, Telecom Italia, Fides and Acea.
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Enhancing knowledge by informing oneself

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