Feel Centre wants to concretely help companies to improve results by working on people and systems, with a method based on theatre, cinema and mathematical thinking.


Feel Center places people at the centre of attention, to improve their skills and professional growth. Personalising the training experience, understanding and satisfying business needs are the priority.

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The creed of Feel Center

There is no improvement without measurement, but we often improve by simply measuring a process.

1. Investing in people generates a measurable and concrete economic return.

2. Selling is a process that improves through theatrical tools and mathematics: the most important tool in selling is listening.

3. Problems are opportunities to be approached with a method.

4. Creativity in business must become a systematic and structured process.

5. Each person has a PIN (Personal Identification Number), in which reside his or her corporate role and cultural, economic and social level, and a PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) that identifies the dreams or needs that motivate him or her to act.

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6. Starting with the customer’s PUK makes the relationship much deeper, useful and mutually beneficial.

7. Problem solving means reason with the culture of prevention, data collection and teamwork.

8. Applied creativity means connecting tools and needs to innovate products and processes with a repeatable method.

9. Customers need to feel that someone is taking care of them.

10. Feelings and emotions are energy, and engineering can help manage it.

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Feel Center philosophy

There is ample evidence that fun stimulates learning and facilitates change.

Feel center works on people and systems generating stable changes over time.

Feel Center helps businesses increase sales, solve problems, and innovate products and processes.

Before each project an analysis is conducted, the results are illustrated to the client with a presentation-show.

Feel Center builds projects and pathways tailored on the client, drawing a set of tested training modules. The Feeling & Sales© method, through engineering and theater/cinema, stimulates the left and right sides of the brain, the “accounts” side and the “narrative” side.

Feel Center resorts on traditional methods and also uses examples, simulations, actors and Formactors. Through its learning and gaming platform, conducting teaching, both in-person and online.

A problem solving course concludes by tackling concrete client problems together, while creativity workshops generate ideas that can be applied in practice. Each project must generate measurable results.

The History of Feel Center

“Math Shows” is founded a Social Promotion Association composed of engineers and professional actors. The association was created with the purpose of promoting mathematics, problem solving and applied creativity for the guidance of young people and educators, with an innovative and interdisciplinary approach.
Feel Center company is created, an innovative Start-up of professional engineers and actors, offering experiential training services with innovative methods driven from film and business theater. Merit for the founders’ decades of international experience in sales, marketing and problem solving.
The film “The Math Gang” is presented at the Rome Film Festival. In the plot, Euclid, Archimedes, Pythagoras, Descartes and Fibonacci come back to life, highlighting the countless relationships between art and mathematics. The film made use of innovative visual effects tools and software for image manipulation and “cartooning”.
The film “The Garden of Numbers” is produced with the participation of Cinecittà World in Rome and The Opera Nazionale Montessori. The mathematical contents were designed and produced on the MIUR national indications for the elementary school curriculum and elements of Montessori education such as creativity, collaboration and original teaching materials.
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Feel Center creates “The Direction of Time”, a film shot with the collaboration of Rai Cinema and presented in Miur Communication Hall to celebrate Pi Greco Day 2018. Pushed by a professor, five kids try to live as important scientists as Newton, Bernoulli, Faraday, Clausius and Einstein.
The film “Traveling with Leonardo” is released. In which Leonardo da Vinci visits Italian schools in a math camper, together with a young Tik-Toker. Produced by Feel Center on the occasion of the 5th centenary of the disappearance of the Tuscan genius.
Feel Center expands its training horizons by creating Goodbye Selling, a digital Academy of Reverse Coaching™ and Feel Center City, a metaverse of sales training, problem solving and applied creativity through the use of e-learning & gaming techniques and tools.
Feel Center is committed on the creation of a Network of Companies, clients and suppliers, who stand out in their target industry. This synergy allows Feel Center to assist and connect its clients and suppliers, not only in the educational aspect but in an all-around way.

Feel Center Associates

Aldo Reggiani


A humanist engineer, he has lived and worked as a manager in the USA, Ireland, Ecuador, India, Singapore, Egypt and many regions of Italy.

After various experiences, including as Italian vice-president of Crosby Associates Inc. (USA), the world’s largest company in the field of quality management, he became Plant manager of Ferrero Ireland ltd where for 5 years he managed the production company and carried out training and orientation activities for young people.

He is the author of the book-game “Life Choises,” published in 2021, for entrepreneurs and job seekers.
He founded Feel Center to convey the innovative methods of coaching, sales improvement and problem solving.

Vincenzo Stango

Partner and Training Manager

Graduate at the University of the Performing Arts in Naples, he brought on his artistic studies at La Scaletta theater school in Rome, completing the course with a three-year master’s degree in Psychophysiology on art-therapeutic orientation, directed by Vezio Ruggieri, at La Sapienza University in Rome.

He has been in charge of formation in projects with Asl, Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome, on the topics of listening and communication aimed at sales, emotional relationship and group dynamics. He has collaborated with ETAS Consult and V.I.R. Consulting in projects on the themes of coaching, modeling, human resource recovery and talent through the use of theater. He has directed numerous shows both theatrical and film for RAI CINEMA, created audiovisual formats and supervised the script and direction of 4 films for schools.

He is an integral part of Feel Center as training projects Manager.

Francesco De Santis

Partner, Marketing & Sales Manager

Management engineer, actor, singer and trainer. He has collaborated with the Laboratory on Research and Technology Transfer at Tor Vergata University in Rome. Business consultant at Innova Group, serves as project manager in numerous consulting interventions for companies.

Trainer in courses on process management, communication strategies, sales and negotiation techniques, he is chairman of the Technological Innovation Commission of the Order of Engineers in the Province of Rome. Expert in financed training and European planning for calls and tenders.

In Feel Center he is in charge of marketing, sales and financed training.

Alessandra Albi Marini

Partner, Commercial & Comunication Manager

Graduated cum laude in Architecture in University Federico II of Naples, she combines her love for the profession with a strong commercial soul. During her career she has marketed and designed apartments under construction, sold furniture and fitted out interiors for B2B and B2C and managed showrooms and work groups. Among the main companies she worked for: Edilnord RE, Estel SpA, UfficioStile SpA. Accustomed in coordinating various professions, her skills include decision making, problem solving, team management and maintaining group creativity with continuous learning.

For Feel Center, she structured and coordinated a team to distribute Math Films for schools nationwide, with about 900 institutions and 100,000 students involved in 4 years.
She is currently responsible for communications and marketing and coordinates web and social development.

She is, in addition, senior trainer, specializing in coaching and development of business networks of client companies.

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Feel Center team

Feel Center Team

Giulio Ravizza Garibaldi – Senior Consultant & Trainer

Electronics Engineer, with more than 20 years in strategic consulting and a particular focus on internationalization and organizational innovation. In this field, he has carried out more than 250 functional check-ups for the definition of companies from the technological, organizational, commercial and financial point of view, 60 customized coaching projects, aimed at the definition and implementation of Internationalization Plans and Temporary export manager activities, for the internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Ministry of Economic Development.

In Feel Center he is a Strategic Consultant and Trainer.

Alessandra Sforza – Partner, Lega Dept Manager and Procurement

Lawyer with 20 years of professional activity. Worked in the publishing company Emmeffe, dealing with group management for business agreements, communication and PR activities. Former official of Logica Telematica Confindustria participated by Formez. He is a founding partner of a mediation company and trainer.

At Feel Center she is in charge of legal and Procurement aspects.

Michela Giannelli – Feel Coach & Commercial Team

With a degree in Cultural Heritage Conservation, she has experience in staff recruitment and management in Ducati Energia and ATAC, during which she was involved in contract management of electronic ticketing equipment for the Tpl.

Experienced in recruitment, customer and supplier relations, and public contact. She has worked in the commercial sector for Interclub Services and in Globe SNC.

She is the value added of Feel Center’s B2C sector.

Maurizio Federici – Senior Consultant & Trainer

Electronics engineer and management consultant experienced in international cooperation projects, Business Analyst and Project Manager. He has managed projects in manufacturing, service, municipal companies, in the hospital and pharmacy sectors.

He has leaded courses on Problem solving, Hidden costs and waste, Teamwork, Benchmarking techniques, Elements of Management Control, Elements of Budget Analysis, Mobility Management, with 6 sigma methodological approach.

Alessandro Sessa – Senior trainer

Clinical and community psychologist, actor and trainer. He has acted in numerous corporate theater shows for companies AxaMps, Ford, Porsche, Volkswagen and Audi. He is a lecturer in Rome at the Logos school, Higher Education Projects, in modules communication, psychopedagogy and dramatization. He has been a lecturer for the Proteo and Avis associations in Rome on communication modules and test theory and techniques. He has been conductor of several private theater workshops, in Rome, Perugia, Terni, Lamezia Terme and Cosenza. He has been conductor of a theater therapy project for children with cognitive disorder.

For Feel Center he is the Senior Trainer.

Manuela Tovo – Script Editor

She studied Film Criticism and she specialized in Film and Television Screenwriting. She has participated in two Masterclasses in Narrative Writing, at Holden School in Turin, and Advanced Training Course, at Casa Del Cinema in Rome. He edits screenplays and analyzes project development.

She worked with Feel Center Cinemaths, as screenwriter of the film “The Direction of Time” co-produced with RAI CINEMA, and the feature film in pre-production “From Leonardo’s sight” directed by Vincenzo Stango.

She collaborates on various corporate empirical education projects.

Ilaria Ricci – Trainer and Communication Expert

Trainer and Psychologist of the Apostle Foundation for the Bertelè method, whose purpose is to help people achieve or maintain well-being understood as psychophysical balance.

Certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Milton model and meta-model, advanced communication techniques, advanced communication frames, NLP techniques.

Involved in: time management, conflict management, negotiation, problem solving, motivation, stress and emotion management, leadership, human resource development and organizational behavior management, communication, business process analysis, development of innovation processes and business strategy, ad hoc training plans, analysis of organizational climate and well-being, design and conduct of team building, leadership training and creative solving paths, through indoor and outdoor experiential activities.

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Other Associates

Lorenzo Micheli


An Energy Engineer and actor, he obtained the Master of Research degree from School of Engineering at Cranfield University (UK). Winner of the competition Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome (National Film School), and admitted, as first runner-up, to be one of the 16 students in the acting course, earning the actor diploma. He has done many projects in the environmental and energy fields for companies, professional studios and PA.

He has developed many collaborations in training and sales.

Zhao Quinliang

Financial Manager

After Donghua University, she graduated in Finance from  University of Glasgow. She also studied Micro and Macro economics, International Trade, Econometrics, Mathematical Analysis, Management and Statistics. She then accumulated numerous management experiences, including Senior Accountant of 3 clinics and a heath care center. She is an expert in SAP, cost comparing and analysis and Payments management (including online payments).

She is involved in several charity organizations dedicated to youth education, mainly in rural villages, she has provided help in both financial and educational content.

Yuan Wei

General Manager

Graduated in International Trade, studying International Trade Practice, International Trade Law, International Finance, Foreign Trade English, Economics and Advanced Mathematics, from Tianjin Open University.

From May 1995 to July 1999, he was regional manager of CP Group (Tianjin), and from 2005 to July 2015, he was HR department general manager of Shanghai Tongxin Medical Instrument Co. in Shanghai.

Today, in the same company, he is in charge of Biology technical research.

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